• 6 weeks:
    (dates coming soon)
    At the Westwood Village Church studio
    (343 S. Church Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90049)
The class will cover:

  • Script Analysis - breaking down the script and finding the crucial emotional components in a scene.
  • Strasberg, Adler & Meisner - the 3 main techniques for generating these emotions 'on demand'.
  • Audition Preparation - using these tools to prepare for, and deliver 'the goods', in the audition.
  • Performance Preparation - using these tools to prepare for, and deliver 'the goods', on the actual set!
We will use actual current film/TV scenes, on camera, and you will get all your footage filmed in class!

Investment in your Tool Kit: $275

To enroll in the class Click Here (please read our Cancellation Policy)


  • 5 weeks:
    (dates coming soon)
    At the Westwood Village Church studio
    (343 S. Church Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90049)
The class will cover:

  • Review - review of the tools learned in Level 1: script analysis, Strasberg, Adler, Meisner.
  • Practice - practicing the tools in real, challenging, co-star and guest-star auditions!
We will use actual current film/TV scenes, on camera, and you will get all your footage filmed in class!

Investment in your Tool Kit: $250

To enroll in the class Click Here (please read our Cancellation Policy)

Thanks so much for EVERYTHING! I've learned so much from you!- Markina B.

I loved your class and your teaching style! Thank you again for everything!- Cassy Sanders

Again thank you for the class today it was great. You keep bringing me new tools and its awesome to learn
how to use them. Thank you for everything!!! It's been a pleasure learning from you!- Noemie Y.

Shortly after taking your class, I booked a lead! I'm grateful to you for helping me tap into my sense memories,
and allowing me to become a much stronger, more rounded actor.- Victor H. Lopez


We offer the following workshops for acting schools, colleges, theatre companies and other professional venues around the world. Contact us for details.

Demystifying "The Method"

(everything you always wanted to know about “Method Acting” but didn’t know who to ask)

We very often hear the term "Method" in show business, from actors, casting directors, and the media: "Daniel Day Lewis stays in character when he goes home, since he is a Method Actor", "Jake Gyllenhaal went ‘Method’ and smashed a mirror and broke his hand", "being the Method actor that he is, Christian Bale gains or loses 40 pounds for every role", "Shia Lebouf with his crazy Method Acting cuts his own face for the film ‘Fury’", etc.

But is being ‘crazy’, impulsive, out of control, and dangerously involved, emotionally and physically, with one’s character, what Lee Strasberg meant when he developed the acting technique called "The Method"? Is this the same technique used by the greatest actors of all times (De Niro, Pacino, Hoffman, Streep) to create their amazing performances?

In this workshop, former Strasberg Institute archivist and Method expert Aylam Orian will dispel these common myths about The Method, explain what it is, what it is not, and take the participants through exercises which will show them first-hand how Method Acting could be used to create truthful, engaging and powerful performances for the stage and screen, without going crazy...

Subjects which will be covered:

  • Stanislavsky and his "System"
  • The Group Theatre
  • The Actors Studio and the development of The Method
  • What is it? Sense Memory and Emotional Memory
  • Why The Method is perfect for film & TV

Workshop length: 3 hours


Emotional Preparation for Film & TV

What make us call certain actors “great”, is not only their ability to create interesting and believable characters, but mainly their ability to experience real, strong emotions, in front of the camera.

In 2016, this is the ‘standard’ the industry expects not only from great actors, but from every other actor working in film and TV today. No one wants to see an actor ‘faking it’. We want to see them having real emotions and real behavior. And so, in order to even be in the “game”, actors need to have the technique to be able to do that, at will, and as many times as needed, in auditions and on the actual film / TV set.

In this workshop, “Method” expert Aylam Orian will review the emotional preparation techniques developed by the three “gurus” of American acting: Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner. Through video clips and exercises, participants will get a first-hand experience of how these techniques are used by working actors to create those impressive emotional performances, in auditions, and on the film/TV set.

Subjects which will be covered:

  • Strasberg’s Sense Memory and Emotional Memory
  • Stella Adler’s Imagination work
  • Meisner’s "As If"
  • Relaxation before auditions and on the set
  • Using the tools in auditions and on the set

Workshop length: 2 hours


Thanks for your great class last night. I really enjoyed it. The exercises really resonated with me in a surprising way. I am definitely looking for a technique to enable the take after take scenario we were talking about. Again, I REALLY enjoyed the class. Thanks for your time!- Corby S.

I attended your seminar last night. I just wanted to say thank you again for a very moving experience. I'd felt as though the spirit of acting had perhaps been leaving me and forced me to question many things. Last night, however, I was reminded that that magic is, and always will be, there. I feel a renewed sense of love for what I do and am reminded of what it is that drives me. So thank you; so very much.- Greg Audino

I just left your emotional prep workshop. I wanted to express gratitude for offering the intro. I found it to be very informative and was very impressed with your abundant emotional life. Thank you for doing what you do!- Kimberly Connolly

Thank you for having me. It was refreshing to hear an open non pushy approach and I adored your passion for the work! It reminded me to slow down and look a little deeper than I do at times. With sincere thanks,- Brenda Bakke

I wanted to say thank you so much for the great seminar that you have provided last night. I learned new stuff and I have refreshed some information.- Yarixel Smith

Private Coaching

We offer private coaching for actors in Los Angeles, in-person, or anywhere in the world via Skype! Contact us for details.

Just wanted to thank you again so much for all of your help yesterday. The audition went really well today!- Markina B.

More Testimonials

You're an absolutely amazing teacher. The work you do with us is priceless. I have finally found some connection with a monologue from a play I did in drama school at Yale. What I got from you today in class was worth more than I'd ever been able to accomplish with the 'Recent Tragic Eevnts' play. I appreciate how you help us. Thank you again. - La Rivers, New York

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I believe an actor is as strong as the foundation they stand on, and that's exactly what Aylam provides to his students, a platform of strong technique and savvy business-like attitude. Aylam is such a sincere person, dedicated to his craft and helping actors breakthrough to new heights in their career. It's great to know that he is never particular to one method, but does it all, helping the actor to evolve and discover what works best for them. Aylam understands the business side of this industry, where most teachers just focus on "technique". From proper headshots to finding an agent, Aylam leaves no stone unturned. Since meeting Aylam, I have become a stronger, wiser, and more grounded actor. I recommend him with the highest regards, an experience no actor should pass up!  - Alzie Rejouis, New York

A good teacher, like a good entertainer, first must hold his audience's attention, then he can teach his lesson". Just like John Henrik Clarke said, I think that when it comes to teaching a lesson, the teacher must know how to catch students' attention. Aylam Orian, one of the best acting teachers I've ever known does it extremely well. Thanks to him, I experienced new feelings, because he made me discover some things I didn't even know I could use when working on a scene. I am very thankful for the opportunity I had to work with him and I wish all my teachers could be like that. Thank you, Aylam Orian!  - Maria Muller, Romania

Aylam is a great teacher. He studied with great acting teachers and have years of experience . He was my acting teacher back in NYC and still is my acting coach now in LA. His work is inspiring, specific, demanding, and freeing. He gets results by his dedication to the actor’s specific needs. He’s one of the best. He’s truly dedicated to the development of the art.  - Hadas Nuriel, Los Angeles